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232. 《伊里斯》

估价 USD$40,000-60,000


Pamela K. 及 William A. Royall Jr. 夫妇珍藏系列


款识:C.P. JENNEWEIN 19©39(底部)

费城 George D. Widner 珍藏 私人收藏(由上述藏家家族购入) 纽约,佳士得,2011年3月3日,拍品编号176 现藏者购自上述拍卖

New York, The American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1942 (another variant exhibited) New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Artists for Victory, An Exhibition of Contemporary American Art, December 7, 1942 – February 22, 1943, p. 27 (another variant exhibited) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, The 138th Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, February 1943 (another variant exhibited) New York, American Artists Professional League, American Art Week, November 1944 (another variant exhibited)


尺寸: 87 x 22 x 20 英寸 (221 x 55.9 x 50.8 公分)


参考编号: 147616